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While under contract at Fluid-Pictures I had the pleasure of working as part of a small talented team creating a wide range of shots for this series created for Quest by Windfall films.

A new visual style was needed for this windfall production with the team wanting to make a move away from blueworld. I and a colleague were responsible for developing this Tron inspired metallic finish into action with a tight render time available and a broadcast documentary budget.

As seen in this shot during the production I was also given the chance to use new software such as the Kratos and Momentum plugins from StudioNest in order to achieve the ice breaking required in the script.

The production of these motion graphics was divided up to a single artist per shot rather than a pipeline production, therefore the work you see here is entirely my own creation from modelling to render.  Shots were created on a 2-3 production deadline.

For more of my shots in the series there is a playlist available on my youtube channel