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In 2008 I relocated to Barcelona to be part of a studio breaking into the animation industry, creating a fully animated childrens tv show. The show, Sweesters Virtual Room was a 52 episode series with a 2 minute episode format.

When I joined the young and talented group of animators behind the show I was primarily responsible for lighting and rendering of the first series in order to make sure we met the network deadline.  When the second season was picked up by the network the series broadened its scope of what was available in the virtual room and I was responsible for prop modelling, texturing, rigging and animation as well as lighting and rendering of the series.  In this clip I modelled the TNT prop, created the explosion simulation, the cartoon boom effect, the dirt covered textured over the female, as well as lighting and rendering the scene.

If you would like to see more shots that I worked on for Sweesters Virtual Room there is a playlist on my youtube channel.